The Brief: In the spring of 2019 an old rundown b&b in Port Issac was being renovated into a new destination restaurant that was to be headed by chef Andrew Sheridan.We were brought in a few weeks before the launch to head their social and content strategy alongside their PR campaign.

Our goal was to build anticipation for the new launch and to highlight the profile of the new head chef. Andrew’s recent appearances on BBC 2’s Great British Menu meant that he had a growing following which we could capitalise on.

The Result: We began by optimising all the social platforms ready for launch and created a series of content pieces that focussed on Andrew and the area surrounding Stargazy Inn. Our goal was to create content that built anticipation for the launch without revealing any major details. Below is the launch video with some accompanying photography.

Since the launch we’ve moved on to create content that focusses on Andrew’s unique style of cooking as well as the emphasis he places on local produce. Their social platforms have seen significant organic growth in following and engagement since launch and continue to grow with every week that passes.

You can see more of our work by visiting their Instagram using the link below.

The Brief: Our work with Heaney’s began at The beginning of 2019. The restaurant had recently opened in the autumn of 2018 and in order to celebrate the launch as well as generate some awareness of the opening, head chef Tommy Heaney had decided to host a guest chef series. What this meant was that over the next several months some of the UK’s top chefs would cook with Tommy for one night only at the restaurant.

Our task alongside the day to day management of the social media channels was to capture each individual event through video and to build awareness for the next guest chef evening.

Before our work together Tommy had a Kickstarter video made to raise funds for the restaurant. This video had a particular style to it that was in keeping with Tommy as well as his brand. We, therefore, looked to emulate the style throughout the guest chef series videos whilst also ensuring that each piece of content had its own unique appearance.

The Result: Each evening was captured and the videos successfully portrayed the atmosphere of the evenings. The videos were viewed organically almost 4,500 times on the Heaney’s Instagram alone. Three of the videos can be seen below

Since the end of the guest chef evenings, we’ve continued to work with Heaney’s as well as their new sister business, Uisce.