Founded in the summer of 2017 we’re not your normal run of the mill social media agency.

We specialise in helping incredible brands and businesses tell their stories and sell their experience through the power of social media and quality content.

We’ve been lucky to work with some of the most unique businesses and individuals across the UK. We’ve worked with Michelin star restaurants, world boxing champions and everything in between.

Creating unique and powerful social content is at the heart of what we do. Social media these days is swamped with mediocrity. We can be your point of difference.

The Team

We’re a two-man team from the heart of South Wales. We’ve grown up together and now run the business together.As you can probably tell we’re not your stereotypical business owners, we’re building and evolving an agency that has an identity from the point of view of how it works and who it works with.

The people we work with are what makes what we do so worthwhile. Everyone may say it but we bloody love working with great people and businesses. We’d like to think we’re way more friendly (and less boring) than most agencies and look to have a laid back but professional relationship with our clients.

Every project we work on we get stuck into from the off. We’re all about getting the job done to the highest standard and getting results. Bottom line.

RHODRI PEARCECo-Founder and Director
Graduated Aberystwyth University in the spring of 2017 before co-founding clear cut in the summer of the same year. Originally trained in web development before turning his attention to the world of social media. Striving to develop Clear Cut further to establish it as a leading agency in the hospitality and fitness industries.
TOMOS EVANSCo-Founder and Director
Originally studied biotechnology at Cardiff University before learning the art of video production and photography. Constantly at the forefront of creative projects and looking to find new ways of innovating client’s content marketing.